Dear elector,

A brief summary of my career is that I studied law at Oxford University and qualified as an advocate before practising law in St Helier. I was elected as deputy at the age of 26. Two years later I was appointed Solicitor General and continued a career in the public legal service, holding the office of Bailiff between 1995 and 2009. I retired from the judiciary, and was elected as a senator in 2011. Later I was appointed as Jersey’s first Minister for External Relations. Defending Jersey’s interests outside the Island is now vitally important.

After 3 years as a senator I am more convinced than ever of the need for reform in the States. There are too many members for an Island of our size. It was disappointing and completely undemocratic that some States members refused to implement the majority decision of the people in the recent referendum. These reforms are needed so that our government is better able to concentrate on the important challenges that we face – the economy, and unemployment, for example. We need to become more efficient.

We also face real challenges in relation to our ageing population, and the need to ensure that our health system is able to cope with the demands that will be placed upon it. Elderly people need the security of knowing that they will be properly looked after in their old age.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read this manifesto.  Please consider voting for me on Wednesday 15th October.

Mobile: 07797 714206
Home: (01534) 852533